Sweet Potato Fries

This is going to be a big statement, but once you’ve tried these sweet potato fries, you will never want fries from a fast-food joint ever again. Really!

I’ve actually have always disliked French fries from fast food joints, but I live with people who love them, so sometimes… it’s hard to resist, people. So I made it a mission to make sweet potato fries, which is a much, much healthier, nutritious option to normal French fries.

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Grandma’s Classic Potato Salad

Today’s recipe is one from my beloved mother, whom is now affectionally call Grandma by everyone, including me.

This potato salad has been in my life, well… all of my life. I clearly remember my mother making it when we had guests over for lunches, friend’s parties, dinner parties, and more growing up. It is scrumptious and I have loved potato salad for as long as I can remember. (In fact, before I knew I was pregnant, my early cravings were purely potato salad — I think I ate 3kgs of potato salad in a week before I realized I was pregnant!)

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