Asian Fish Porridge

Here’s a recipe of something I had constantly, growing up.

This simple, easy fish porridge recipe is so simple and perhaps may be seen as “plain” to some, but it’s so delicious. It’s perfect for a lighter meal, when you’re feeling unwell, or maybe an in-between: maybe you didn’t have time for lunch and it’s 3pm and you’re hungry before dinner — or even breakfast!

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Bolognese Risotto

Bolognese risotto combines my two favourite things: spaghetti and rice. If you’re a bolognese spaghetti and rice lover like me, you’re sure to like this one!

This bolognese risotto is a simple recipe that is sure to be loved by the whole family, my family surely does, especially my little one. It’s based on the recipe by Marcella Hazan in her book, Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking. If you need more coaxing, my husband isn’t the biggest fan of risotto in general (which is a shame since I adore it) even loved this, so that’s really saying something!

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Spicy Thai Basil Chicken Rice

Thai food has always intimidated me. (Not in terms of eating it of course, I can eat Pad Thai by the bucketloads) but I somehow feel intimidated cooking it.

I see Thai cooking classes advertised more than any other cuisine in my area, and whether this is due to its popularity or its difficulty, I have no idea. But I would assume the copious amounts of Thai cooking classes available in my small city means that this is one cuisine that needs that professional guidance.

But then somewhat recently, my mother started making this amazing Thai basil chicken rice and I couldn’t believe it. She said it was actually super simple to make, and kindly gave me the recipe, which I am sharing it today.

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Danish Curry Meatballs & Rice

Boller i karry, roughly translated to “meatballs in curry”, is a classic, traditional Danish dish loved by many, the young and the old, and especially by… ME!

I’m not sure why it has taken me almost 3 decades to figure out the wonderfulness of this classic Danish dish, but when my mother-in-law first made it when my husband and I first visited Denmark, I was hooked.

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Beef, Broccoli & Pumpkin Stir Fry

Beef and broccoli stir fry might sound… too simple? Unoriginal? Overdone? But I’m all about simple recipes here on this blog, and adding a small touch to the usual beef-and-broccoli-rice combo made it extra delicious!

The addition? Smooth, rich, hearty pumpkin.

I personally love pumpkin (like in this delicious Thai-style pumpkin soup), and it added such a lovely smooth, almost creamy sweetness to the dish. Combine that with adding a lot of pepper on the beef – basically making it pepper beef – and the dish had the most amazing textures and flavours exploding in your mouth. Such a joy.

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Spanish-Style Vegan Rice (Paella)

While making this Spanish-style rice for dinner last week, I was reminded of little Spanish memories in my life, such as the semester in high school I spent learning Spanish and also the trips to Spain as a child.

But most of all, I recalled a fun little fact about me: that I’ve been asked if I was Spanish more times than I can count, possibly due to my dark hair and eyes. Isn’t that funny? I’ll take it!

Anyway, I digress. This Spanish-style vegan rice was my first foray into Spanish cuisine. It was a modest foray, as paella is very easy to do, but it was so enjoyable. And the colours. THOSE COLOURS! I loved cooking this, and it’s so delicious and healthy too.

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Salsa Chicken and Rice (Quick & Easy)

This salsa chicken recipe might be the simplest recipe I know.

It’s perfect for weekday nights where you had a super busy day and you need dinner ready in 10-15 minutes. Or those extra tough days, fellow mama, where you’ve had 2 hours of sleep for several days and you are barely functioning. Whatever the reason, depending how fast you cook, this meal takes so little time. (And even better if you have a rice cooker which does most of the work for you.)

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