Zesty Lemon Quinoa

As much as I love quinoa, with its great source of protein, deliciousness and the fact that it’s naturally gluten-free, sometimes it can be a bit… plain.

This is hardly a recipe either, to be honest, but rather a fun tip (what you basically do is add lemon juice to quinoa); but it warrants a whole post by itself because it is such a simple way to fancy up a simple bowl of quinoa.

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Vegan Curry Quinoa

What’s the best way to use up any leftover veggies in the fridge, before they get old? There’s juicing, of course, which as you may know, I love, but what if you’re actually hungry? I say, throw ’em in for some yummy vegan curry!

This vegan curry quinoa dish is so easy and satisfying that it’s one of our go-tos in my home.

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