Thai-Style Glass Noodle Salad

Forget everything I said about Thai food being intimidating to make. Not anymore. Who knew you can get their delicious flavours so easily?!

Thai glass noodle salad is one of my personal favourites. I would always order it at Thai restaurants and just eat the noodles plain (since I don’t like seafood) with the sweet and sour seasoning on it. Everything would think I was mad, just eating plain glass noodles by itself, but now that I’ve adapted it at home with minced chicken, it’s perfect.

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Chinese Shredded Chicken Noodle Soup

Now here’s a recipe that brings on all the feels.

Soup: Comforting. Soothing. Heartwarming. The whole point of this blog.

This shredded chicken noodle soup was one of the first meals I’d ever cooked as a newly wed living in Europe. I was living in Copenhagen, Denmark and because I was cold all the time, I was craving soup constantly — and what is more heart warming than chicken noodle soup? (Answer: nothing.)

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