Lemon Chicken, Beetroot & Carrot Salad

Would you believe that this is the first salad I’ve ever made?! Somewhat embarrassing, I know. This is my very first meal of my elimination diet that I have put on by my doctor, and it was a total impromptu recipe that turned out surprisingly really well!

When I made this, I wanted something super quick and easy; and something that didn’t need much thought (or ingredients). What I’ve learnt is lemon will go good with anything, and that for salad, I need to double.

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Simple Lemon Bread (Gluten-Free)

Something to know about me; I love lemon flavoured anything. Really, anything. (Well, except an actual lemon, funnily enough!)

So you can probably guess that one of my favourite things in the world is lemon cake.

However, eating lemon cake, with its delicious sweet and sour lemon icing (ugh, so good) regularly isn’t exactly the healthiest, so there is this “lemon bread” option. It’s less sugary than a lemon cake and more of a savoury, hearty buttery lemon bread.

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Immunity Boosting Juice (Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric)

Now here’s a recipe that I can guarantee will make you feel better!

One morning earlier this summer, I woke up with a sore back, heavy eyes and a headache. You know that dreaded feeling. It had been a few weeks of sickness in my household, and I really didn’t feel like being sick. So I whipped up this concoction in my kitchen randomly, full of things I already had in my fridge; ingredients I know that are good to kick start your immune system and quite possibly give a jolt of “good health”.

Sure enough, immediately afterward, I had a boost of energy and managed to do what I needed to do for the rest of the day.

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Zesty Lemon Quinoa

As much as I love quinoa, with its great source of protein, deliciousness and the fact that it’s naturally gluten-free, sometimes it can be a bit… plain.

This is hardly a recipe either, to be honest, but rather a fun tip (what you basically do is add lemon juice to quinoa); but it warrants a whole post by itself because it is such a simple way to fancy up a simple bowl of quinoa.

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Fresh Summer Penne

This simple, summer penne pasta dish is beyond delicious. So simple, in fact, as it’s really a “basic” tomato pasta dish, but it has two added ingredients to give it a tangy, fresh, lighter taste and makes it perfect for the hot summer days.

You may guess by now that I am somewhat of a pasta aficionado, so it’s strange that I haven’t been posting many of my pasta recipes on this blog… and trust me, I have a lot of them! So, let’s start with this one.

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Classic Hummus

A strong staple in Middle Eastern cuisine — with even a mention in the Holy Bible — hummus is part dip, part dressing, and a fully delicious spread that is loved around the world.

In fact, I have not met one person who doesn’t like hummus, and honestly, what’s not to like? It’s the perfect balance of tangy and savoury, healthy, and a great source of protein. Though traditionally eaten with pita bread, it’s actually very versatile, so expect quite a few hummus recipes on this blog in the future.

But before all that, let’s start with a quick, easy, everyday hummus recipe.

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