Immunity Boosting Juice (Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric)

Now here’s a recipe that I can guarantee will make you feel better!

One morning earlier this summer, I woke up with a sore back, heavy eyes and a headache. You know that dreaded feeling. It had been a few weeks of sickness in my household, and I really didn’t feel like being sick. So I whipped up this concoction in my kitchen randomly, full of things I already had in my fridge; ingredients I know that are good to kick start your immune system and quite possibly give a jolt of “good health”.

Sure enough, immediately afterward, I had a boost of energy and managed to do what I needed to do for the rest of the day.

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Sweet Spinach & Pineapple Juice

Never in my life did I think that I, Haribo Queen, would drink (and love) green vegetable juice. But that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? Growing up and changing for the better…

If you’re a fellow ex sugar “addict” like me, you may still have a little bit of a sweet tooth — I know I do. But I’m not after that sickly, nasty, chemical-ridden sweetness anymore; I prefer that subtle, true, natural sweetness. And this green juice certainly fits the bill.

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