Green Protein Smoothie

This green smoothie is packed with protein… a perfect start of the day, and so delicious too.

I created this on a whim many years ago and it’s something my family and I still enjoy. In fact, this was my then-toddler’s first time trying spinach, and I was one happy mama when I gobbled this up (in a bowl, then), and said he loved it! he still loves it to this day and so do I.

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Almond Butter Pancakes

These are my self-appointed, self-titled “famous” Almond Butter Pancakes. I like the idea of having a recipe that everyone in the family loves and knows of me, and so far, these pancakes are close to grabbing that title. One, because my family actually do like them — so far, this is the most requested thing I make in my family.

I wanted to share it on the blog not only because I think it’s really good, but because, even though it’s super quick and easy (it contains only 5 ingredients) I somehow always forget them.

So instead of trying to search for that small scrap of paper where I penned it down (and my scribbles of several experiments to get the milk ratio just right for peak fluffiness), now it’s on the blog and I can easily see it myself.

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Vegan Beetroot Burgers

Now, I’m usually not a fan of burgers, but beetroot peanut butter burgers? I could positively eat them everyday!

My first introduction to beetroot burgers was at a local joint here – my husband was ordering from this new burger place, and I saw they had a beetroot burger. Since I’m not a fan of burgers, I chose the beetroot burger. Why not? I love beetroots (as you may know, especially in beetroot juice), it sounded interesting, so I thought I’d try it.

…I was obsessed at first bite.

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Blueberry Banana Muffins (Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Paleo)

A month ago, I ventured into baking with more fruit since I am trying to cut down on sugar in my home — for my family, but also for myself. And, although it may be quite obvious, fruit is still the best, healthiest way to sweeten bakes. (Well, that and honey.)

I’ve been experimenting with more natural sweeteners in my baked goods, as you’ll see in this recipe, and I have to admit even I am quite surprised at how easy it is to bake without sugar — with natural sweeteners and lots of fruit, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth in your baked goods.

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