Thai-Style Glass Noodle Salad

Forget everything I said about Thai food being intimidating to make. Not anymore. Who knew you can get their delicious flavours so easily?!

Thai glass noodle salad is one of my personal favourites. I would always order it at Thai restaurants and just eat the noodles plain (since I don’t like seafood) with the sweet and sour seasoning on it. Everything would think I was mad, just eating plain glass noodles by itself, but now that I’ve adapted it at home with minced chicken, it’s perfect.

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Zesty Lemon Quinoa

As much as I love quinoa, with its great source of protein, deliciousness and the fact that it’s naturally gluten-free, sometimes it can be a bit… plain.

This is hardly a recipe either, to be honest, but rather a fun tip (what you basically do is add lemon juice to quinoa); but it warrants a whole post by itself because it is such a simple way to fancy up a simple bowl of quinoa.

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Thai-Style Vegan Pumpkin Soup

This vegan pumpkin soup is one of my favourite recipes… I know I say that a lot on this blog, but I’m sharing all my favourites on here!

It is originally a recipe from my mother who first made this in early 2000s and has perfected it since. Thai food has always seemed hard to make for me (for whatever reason), so I’ve slightly adapted it to make it as simple and healthy as possible – opting for coconut sugar and coconut aminos, a soya sauce alternative, and low fat coconut milk.

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Sweet Potato Fries

This is going to be a big statement, but once you’ve tried these sweet potato fries, you will never want fries from a fast-food joint ever again. Really!

I’ve actually have always disliked French fries from fast food joints, but I live with people who love them, so sometimes… it’s hard to resist, people. So I made it a mission to make sweet potato fries, which is a much, much healthier, nutritious option to normal French fries.

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Classic Hummus

A strong staple in Middle Eastern cuisine — with even a mention in the Holy Bible — hummus is part dip, part dressing, and a fully delicious spread that is loved around the world.

In fact, I have not met one person who doesn’t like hummus, and honestly, what’s not to like? It’s the perfect balance of tangy and savoury, healthy, and a great source of protein. Though traditionally eaten with pita bread, it’s actually very versatile, so expect quite a few hummus recipes on this blog in the future.

But before all that, let’s start with a quick, easy, everyday hummus recipe.

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Grandma’s Classic Potato Salad

Today’s recipe is one from my beloved mother, whom is now affectionally call Grandma by everyone, including me.

This potato salad has been in my life, well… all of my life. I clearly remember my mother making it when we had guests over for lunches, friend’s parties, dinner parties, and more growing up. It is scrumptious and I have loved potato salad for as long as I can remember. (In fact, before I knew I was pregnant, my early cravings were purely potato salad — I think I ate 3kgs of potato salad in a week before I realized I was pregnant!)

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