Classic Pavlova

Out of all the desserts and the baking techniques I wanted to perfect, pavlova was it.

We had a family friend who, growing up, would make pavlova for dessert every Christmas lunch we attended at their place. It always looked so fancy, so grown up, and so sophisticated. Looking at it year by year, I was deeply impressed — something about a pavlova screamed “next level baking”.

So when I made pavlova for the first time last year and it came out perfectly, my family (and myself) were shocked. I knew I had a winner, and really, if I could do it with my little baking skills and experience, then anyone can do it. In fact, I’ve found that it’s really not so difficult after all!

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Danish Vanilla Sponge Cake (Gluten Free)

My love for vanilla holds no bounds both in both taste and scent. I love anything vanilla flavoured and vanilla scented. I even have a book on the history of vanilla (nerd-alert) so once I was of age, a goal of mine was to prefect the art of the vanilla cake… because what is better than vanilla cake?!

Synonymous with birthday parties, fun and laughter, vanilla cake is the perfect companion to celebrations of all kind.

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Classic American Buttercream

For the longest time, I avoided making my own buttercream.

As a newbie baker who has spent way too much of her past single life watching baking shows such as Cupcake Wars, buttercream always looked so hard to get right.

I remember all the disasters on these shows: too watery, too thick, or it being heavily critiqued by judges for whatever reason. Not to mention all the very complicated sounding flavours. It seemed like it would be too tricky for a complete beginner baker like me. So up until now, I admittedly always used a pre-made icing to frost my cakes and cupcakes.

Then I stumbled upon an old fashion, easy, classic American buttercream recipe.

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Cocoa Coconut Bliss Balls

Bliss balls… talk about the perfect, fitting name for a snack. I’ve been wanting to make these little delightful snacks for the longest time, and finally did so earlier this week.

Bliss balls are the perfect choice for a healthy snack; they are so simple to make and is such a treat. I made these bliss balls the other day solely by chance. I had a rough idea of what entailed in making a bliss ball (just get some oats and dates), and the rest I just improvised. The best part? This was all made using whole ingredients and zero sugar.

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