Chicken Zucchini Spaghetti

Here’s a healthier spaghetti recipe that my family and I love; for those who cannot live without pasta (me) but also want something a bit… well, healthier. Better for you. Less heavy.

While my authentic spaghetti bolognese is a favourite, it can be a bit heavy and not too healthy. This one uses lighter minced chicken, is full of yummy vegetable of zucchini and made with fresh tomatoes. And that’s about it!

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Green Protein Smoothie

This green smoothie is packed with protein… a perfect start of the day, and so delicious too.

I created this on a whim many years ago and it’s something my family and I still enjoy. In fact, this was my then-toddler’s first time trying spinach, and I was one happy mama when I gobbled this up (in a bowl, then), and said he loved it! he still loves it to this day and so do I.

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Lemon Chicken, Beetroot & Carrot Salad

Would you believe that this is the first salad I’ve ever made?! Somewhat embarrassing, I know. This is my very first meal of my elimination diet that I have put on by my doctor, and it was a total impromptu recipe that turned out surprisingly really well!

When I made this, I wanted something super quick and easy; and something that didn’t need much thought (or ingredients). What I’ve learnt is lemon will go good with anything, and that for salad, I need to double.

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Teriyaki Chicken (Gluten and Soy free)

This teriyaki chicken recipe may not be completely authentic, but it sure is delicious and does it’s job — especially if you’re craving some teriyaki chicken, but a healthier version.

Made with pantry ready ingredients, my family (especially my son) absolutely adores teriyaki chicken when we’re at Japanese restaurants, so I thought I’d try my best to make a healthier version; in particular a gluten and soy free version.

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Spicy Mackerel Fillets

These spicy mackerel fillets are sure to delight everyone in the home — everyone who loves a bif of spice that is! (OK, a lot of spice.)

Topped with a sauce of ginger garlic paste (so yummy) and chilli, it’s such a delicious, spicy treat of protein. It’s an South Indian style fish, and if it’s a bit too spicy for you, you can half the turmeric and red chili powder amount.

And oh — this was made in an air fryer. My husband has been telling me to get one for ages, but I’ve resisted, and, well… now there’s an air fryer recipe on the blog. I’m still not convinced but time will tell… it is incredibly easy to use.

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Garlic Tuna Pasta

This garlic tuna pasta recipe is something that came completely by chance, and it’s now one of my favourite pasta dishes!

It’s also somewhat nostalgic for me, as when my husband and I first got together (and I had no idea what to cook), he said one of his favourite quick, low budget meals is canned fish and rice. This garlic tuna pasta is a bit of an upgrade from that, but honestly, it really is canned fish and pasta.

Yet, the simplicity of it is so homey, so comforting, so sweet.

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Asian Fish Porridge

Here’s a recipe of something I had constantly, growing up.

This simple, easy fish porridge recipe is so simple and perhaps may be seen as “plain” to some, but it’s so delicious. It’s perfect for a lighter meal, when you’re feeling unwell, or maybe an in-between: maybe you didn’t have time for lunch and it’s 3pm and you’re hungry before dinner — or even breakfast!

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Almond Butter Pancakes

These are my self-appointed, self-titled “famous” Almond Butter Pancakes. I like the idea of having a recipe that everyone in the family loves and knows of me, and so far, these pancakes are close to grabbing that title. One, because my family actually do like them — so far, this is the most requested thing I make in my family.

I wanted to share it on the blog not only because I think it’s really good, but because, even though it’s super quick and easy (it contains only 5 ingredients) I somehow always forget them.

So instead of trying to search for that small scrap of paper where I penned it down (and my scribbles of several experiments to get the milk ratio just right for peak fluffiness), now it’s on the blog and I can easily see it myself.

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