Hello and welcome to Renee’s Blend: Simple Healthy Recipes! My name is Renee and I’m on a mission to make better, healthier food and lifestyle choices for my family and I.

My belief is that food is not only necessary, but nurturing and healing, and we should be good stewards of our God-given bodies, taking care of them best we can.

I didn’t always believe this way, though.

Growing up, I never thought much about food and my diet was pretty terrible, and when I was 21 years old, my body had enough. For the next few years, I suffered from everything from chronic dizziness, digestive issues, to extreme fatigue and more.

At 25, I was finally diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, and my healing journey began.

Along with medication, I researched further on how to heal myself and it resulted in a complete diet change: eliminating gluten and soy, with only minimal amounts of dairy and sugar. I felt so much better within a few months, and finally understood the importance of our food choices and taking care of your body.

I started Renee’s Blend as a place to document my recipes and the nutrition and health knowledge I learn as I continue on this healthier path — but not only for me, but for my growing family. And perhaps for you and your family, too.

Whether you’re on an elimination diet, or simply want to heal and clean up your diet for the better, there are tons of recipes here for you. I hope you’ll enjoy them, and thank you for visiting!

CONTACT: reneesblend [at] gmail [dot] com.