Fresh Summer Pasta

This simple, summer penne pasta dish is beyond delicious. So simple, in fact, as it’s a “basic” tomato pasta dish, but with just two added ingredients to give it a tangy, fresh, lighter taste. Perfect for the hot summer days.

You may know that I am somewhat of a pasta aficionado – and by that I just mean I eat a lot of pasta – so it’s ironic, then, I haven’t been posting many of my pasta recipes on this blog… and trust me, I have a lot of them!

So, let’s start with this one. (And in the future, check out the Pasta tag to see more of them.)

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Smashed Chickpea Mayo Sandwich

This smashed chickpea mayo recipe is such a hit in our home, I am so excited to share this with you all today!

My husband and I absolutely love it and I am sure you and your family would, too. It’s reminiscent of tuna mayo sandwiches, but instead with chickpeas for a plant-based protein. Not to mention the other “stars” of the sandwich; red onions for that crunch, lemons for that zesty, refreshing feel and cherry tomatoes for some sweetness. Added with the soft, delicious sandwich bread, I simply love this recipe!

When I first made this, I was so obsessed I made it the next night in a row because I couldn’t get enough of the delicious flavours.

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Zesty Lemon Quinoa

As much as I love quinoa, and its great source of protein, deliciousness and the fact that it’s naturally gluten-free, sometimes it can be a bit… plain. Like normal rice, I suppose. I’ve been seeing many different ways to spice it up a bit, and I must say that this version, which I originally found on Pinterest some time ago, is a great option.

I wish I could remember where I found this, but I must’ve been scrolling and saw it, and thought yes, lemon juice on quinoa, right, good idea. I never actually saw the recipe, but I reckon it’s quite self explanatory. I did test this recipe out myself, obviously, and I really like it!

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Quick, Easy, Vegan Curry Quinoa

What’s the best way to use up any leftover veggies in the fridge, before they spoil? There’s juicing, of course, which as you may know I love (check out my juice & smoothies recipes) but what if you’re actually hungry? I say, throw ’em in for some yummy vegan curry!

This vegan curry quinoa dish is so easy and satisfying that it’s one of our go-tos in my home.

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Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric Immunity Boosting Juice

Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night with night chills. I always get them the night before I fall sick with a bit of a cold/flu, and thought ugh, here we go again.

I’ve been sick more often than I’ll like to admit this year – every few months I have some sort of allergic reaction, or a runny nose or whatnot.

It has subsided considerably now that I’ve swapped out the chemicals in my home for homemade, non-toxic cleansers (check out my post, DIY Non-Toxic Cleaners to make your own – they really work), as well as throw out anything with fragrance. It seems like my tolerance to fragrance is almost zero as I’ve gotten older, but this time, it felt like more than allergies.

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Rich, Delicious, Sweet Potato Fries

This is going to be a big statement, but once you’ve tried these sweet potato fries, you will never want fries from a fast-food joint ever again. Yep! I said what I said.

I’ve actually have always disliked French fries from fast food joints, but I live with people who love them, so sometimes… it’s hard to resist, people. So I made it a mission to make sweet potato fries, which is a much, much healthier, nutritious option to normal French fries.

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Beef, Broccoli & Pumpkin Stir Fry

Beef and broccoli stir fry might sound… too simple? Unoriginal? Overdone? But I’m all about simple recipes here on this blog, and adding a small touch to the usual beef-and-broccoli-rice combo made it extra delicious! My hubby and I loved this one.

The secret is to add pumpkin.

I personally love pumpkin, and it added such a lovely smooth, almost creamy sweetness to the dish. Combine that with adding a lot of pepper on the beef – basically making it pepper beef – and the dish had the most amazing textures and flavours exploding in your mouth. Such a joy.

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Gluten-Free Victoria Sponge Cake

For my mom’s birthday last month (aka yesterday), I decided to make her a cake… but not just any cake. As she’s not so much into that sickly-sweet desserts (she’s way more sophisticated than me) I was thinking of what kind of cake I could make her, when my best friend, who is British, suggested a Victoria Sponge Cake.

It was the perfect suggestion! And since I was having it too, I made a gluten free Victoria sponge cake.

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Simple & Delicious Tomato Risotto

Another risotto-ish recipe for today, folks. I must say, I’m really beginning to love cooking with short-grain rice… my first foray was making the Spanish-Style Rice that I posted recently, and now this. (I’m totally obsessed with rice dishes in general though, if you can’t already tell – being half-Asian, it is in me, I suppose.)

And this rice dish, a simple tomato risotto, was a totally impromptu, use-whatever-I-had-around recipe I made last week. And it came out pretty good!

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